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This is information centre of Iceland for Japanese speaking tourists.
Since I am working in tourism in Iceland for some years and had seen how Japanse speaking pepole would feel difficult to getting around in Iceland.
Because it is not only thier ability to speaking in English but there is not "enough" information in Japanese also.


This projecet is connected with ICELANDREAM (www.icelandream.com)


Imagene, you are on holiday in Japan.
How you would feel if you could get informaiton only in Japanese. Go to restraunt, getting around or find a tour... You would have no idea what kind of service you receive. You would feel not easy. Would you try to understand all infomation by usining a dictionary in your hand on your "whole holiday"? Well, it is really up to you. But it would be easier if you can get information in language which you can easy to understand.


This websites purpose is to making an E-guide book of Iceland for Japanese speaking pepole.
First, The situation is changing so fast, and printed guide books are not able to revise so often.
Second, this form is more economical, people can connect to internet almost anytime and anywher and search many things in short time.
Third, your opinion is reflected anytime.
According to the report of Icelandic Tourist Board 2008, "more than 6,000 Japanese had visited to Iceland". That number of JP tourists had been kept for few years. And there is more than 500,000 Japanese is livingin Europe and America. Yes, there is a BIG opprotunity for us. Because they love traveling. So, what would youlike to do with this? Do you wait for it until time come? What would you like to show or offer to Japanese tousirst in Iceland?
Well, our goal is very clear. It findis out what you want to recommend tourist to do (include dining, shopping and others) in Icealnd? You would have some favorite places, restraunts, cafe houses or shops. There are lot of sightseeing information but not much telling about WHERE LOCAL PEOPLE go!


This website is especially made for Japanese tourist. They want to go good restaurant or shop WHERE You go. Please let me know where and why? All information would be used to improve us in tourism!


You have choices, make your website in Japanese (but who can get your point?)or use space of this site withsome cost. I am very happy to have your information on my site. Why? Because I know both country and culture quite well and working in tourism.


We had distributed informaiton of this website at Keflavikairport, BSI, tourist-info & Hotels in Iceland that Japanese pepole can find us.


I want to work on this project to get more Japanese speaking peolpe to Iceland with your work!
Please have concact with at info@iceland-johokan.com
Your participation would be very, very appreciated.


Maneger  Kaishu Fukumoto
Email    iceland-johokan@iceland-johokan.com
Phone    +354-8470074
Note    This site is operated throurgh Japan.
       But for your cnvenience you can reach me in Iceland.


This is basic price and will give you discount according to contract.
You can offer a discount voucher if you like. (This is in connection with Icelandream)


Shop and restautant
One secial page for you. and link to your web.
Top page and erea page with link.
from 25,000 kr


Menu translating into Japanese.
 from 5,000 kr

about Iceland-johokan.com

Open July 2009
Place Japan & Iceland (operated from Japan)
Web maintain Fukumoto Biso (in Japan)
Aim We want to give practial informaiton about restaurants, day tours, hotels and others of Iceland to all Japanese tourists.
We need to provide the information which they want rather than what we do it.
Making a web travel guide book. Because printing material cannot revise quickly.But informaiton is alive and needed to be up-to-dated.
This site is co-operated with Icelandream. (www.icelandream.com)
Administrator Kaishu Fukumoto
597-0083, 286-1 Umizuka, Kaizuka, Osaka
Smidjuvegur 4, graen gata, haegri endi, 200 Kopavogur


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